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Username: Incvbvs
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:13 pm

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Icon: rinkhet on furaffinity!

Logo: Oni

Background: Cryptovolans

on hiatus!

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry!

Flannel Reliquary Chimera / Lucius Iliat Tailor / Damask Giltweave / Diamat Mara | ✧Beta Tester✧ | 25 | Male; he/it | Nonhuman* (Alien Shapeshifter, Incubus, Werepire) | Synaesthetic | Hermit Arcana | Lightning element | INFP | Type 9 (Peacemaker) w1 (Dreamer) | Homoromantic Demisexual | Listography
| Flannel, Lucius, and Damask are my self-representation villagers

beta_testers_guild_by_rainbywolf-daq5qro mlBabmx.png

Yo! I'm an illustration major and giant fibromyalgic Mess! (งツ)ว I'm slow to respond to most things due to having a pretty heavy workload most of the time, mental fog, and simply just never having that many spoons. If I don't respond promptly and you see me around doing other things please know that I haven't forgotten about you or your message and I do care! It just takes me time to get around to things!

I love Zero Escape, D&D, Trinity Blood, Guild Wars 2, vampire-related media (especially if it's Gay), and doin art! More info @ my tumblr about page
Furvilla-related goals can be found on Lucius's page!

Most of my villagers are associated with at least one song. If there's no video in their description, try clicking text or images in the descriptions, there's usually a link hidden around somewhere.

*Unless you want to argue that all spiritual beliefs are coping mechanisms, I'm not otherkin for coping reasons. Yes, I really do believe in my past lives. Yes, I do believe I have a nonhuman soul.

Please forward all complaints, anon hate, and Official Peanut Gallery Commentary© to the fax number: 1-800-DID-I-ASK


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Comments 113

    • Ayy, GW 2. We probably can't play together cause world differences, but. Good to see someone who plays the game. :)

    • As long as they're kind and worthy of existing I'll call them children, if they're bad like terrorists and whatnot I won't call them children NO SPIT IT BACK OUT NOW-- //runs after and clenches fist
      Mine was 259 USD I think
      My sense of humor is so bad pls I laugh at literally everything like an egg being dropped to the floor
      You're pretty nice aswell o: No problem! Being overwhelmed happens. nvn

    • They get summoned across the void to this world and everyone is my child no matter what and I want to pet all of them unless they cause discourse
      I've been close to eating or breaking my own tablet too but then I remember it's expensive af
      It's nice to meet you too! nvn You seem like a really cool person, I hope I can get to know you further nvn

    • I just kinda summon my children... I think... Idfk where they all come from halp screams don't break your tablet pls

    • Yes you seem like a cool person.... hella 8)

    • Thank you!! <3

    • Oh I definitely do! I myself identify very very strongly with my IDs. I might have explained it strangely. What I meant was I don't believe someone can actually be a fictional character, like a pokemon for example, because pokemon don't exist. But yes, identifying as one is very possible, I do myself, I just don't think I'm literally one if that makes any sense

    • Yeah, i know the general population wouldn't consider me 'kin' but I do actually consider myself to be because of my views on fictionkin specifically and the fact that I don't believe fictional characters can exist
      (I don't consider fictionkin and otherkin to be the same btw, I do believe otherkin can exist depending on what it is)

    • Thanks for understanding that Reshiram is a beautiful manthing and not a woman

    • Thank you for your purchase again XD

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