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User ID: #3692
Username: Kiwiggle
Rank: FV Villager Artist
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:13 pm

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Gray basesHigh res VillagersMy F.A.Q TO-DO list


Designer of: Snuffle, Saggitari, All Mayors, Serpent, Isadore, Oracle, Auberon, Cheif Clawtooth, Ismene, co-designer of Gembounds & Leodons. All costumes and event colours.

Villagers 10

Comments 317

    • Pssh you're badass thank you for all your beautiful hard work

    • Thank you for purchasing! I hope to help you again in the future~~

    • Just wanted to say you've done a lovely job here on FV and your dedication is appreciated, current shifty craziness aside!

    • I second what Deerypoof said below! As an artist myself my heart goes out to ya! Hopefully things will all work out for the better. ;w;

    • I'm honestly saving up to get a paintie commission from you
      Or just a commission from you at all <3
      I seriously love your art so much!!

    • Your work is so beautiful and amazing! I want to extend my apologies for what is happening with the Shifty nonsense lately! You worked so incredibly hard on the artwork of this website, and people seem to be discarding it so quickly in favor of their own art styles. I just want to let you know that I appreciate YOUR work and personally would like to see the website adhere to the adorable style you have given Furvilla with your talents :)

    • Thank you for all the work you do for this site! I really love your art style!

    • Commissioning the creator of bases will almost be like getting an official color! Big thanks for your dedication to this site :)

    • Cool dude loves you to!!!! He thinks athens neck fur is pretty and he wants to cut some off and put it in a little baggie for keeps

    • Thank you for all your hard work on the site art :D it's gorgeous~

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