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User ID: #37128
Username: Ais_linn
Gender: Pizza
Last Online: 27 Jul 2020, 12:36 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 2:20 pm

Profile description

❣ my villagers respond in character ❣

Novah/D.Va/Oswin ✨ | Ne/Nem/Nes | 25 | Wolf/Bunny | September 9th
[fv time +6h]

you're walking alone through Quetzal palace, just approaching a little street called z5d7e970269805.png
a light breeze whips around your paws, and you shiver a little, its cold up here.
Something shiny moves at your feet, and you look down-
it's a small coin; do you pick it up?
YESpastel_galaxy__by_galaxykin-d892cnj.gif | NOpastel_galaxy__by_galaxykin-d892cnj.gif

Hey! I'm Oswin, a tiny trashcan from space.
I am a furry, my main sona Aislinn is also my active villager
I'm really 12 5 year olds in a trenchcoat and I live in Quetzal Palace ( the uk)
I ❤️ (among other things) , Doctor who, cats, bunnies,
MLP:FIM , DC comics (especially Harley Quinn), anime, Overwatch and les miserables,
I'm otherkin, I also write and draw.
bramble is my dad

If you're looking for a paintie, I can make you one- info can be found here

May or may not be an anon fairy ...

Im pretty friendly, so please message me for a RP, a chat, or anything else! I (probably) won't bite.
I love to talk about my fandoms, kin stuff, villager stories... Anything really.
I'm always on the lookout for things, so If you wanna send me random seeds or smth feel free...

You can also find me:
Furaffinity: FlameFrost101 | Twitter: AKuRo1o1
DeviantART: XxFlameFrost101xX | Tumblr: star-collapse
Instagram; sylveon_city | More
ask me about other sites ^^


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    • AH-
      MY EYES-
      (Lol it's not too bad, I kinda like sparkly stuffs. 'u')

    • I love your profile it’s really pretty :)

    • Thanks n_n

    • Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my profile and I hope you're doing well!

    • Thankyou kind anon who donated currency I hope you see this!

    • Seren is absolutely not for sale and most likely never will be.

      I'm a little less attached to Malware but I can't really say I'm in the mood to sell him either.

    • Hey, sorry to bother you. I can't seem to accept our trade, do you have enough inventory space for the noodles?

    • THATS SO COOL!!! wolf gang!!!!

    • Thank you for the vial of pinks!! XD

    • You can send whatever you feel like in exchange! ^_^

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