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User ID: #37128
Username: Ais_linn
Gender: Pizza
Last Online: 16 Jul 2019, 6:37 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 2:20 pm


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❣ my villagers respond in character ❣

Novah / D.Va ✨ | She/He | 24 | Wolf/Bunny | September 9th
[fv time +6h]

you're walking alone through Quetzal palace,
it's breezy, and a little cold.
Something shiny moves at your feet, and you look down-
it's a small coin; do you pick it up?
YESpastel_galaxy__by_galaxykin-d892cnj.gif | NOpastel_galaxy__by_galaxykin-d892cnj.gif

Hey! My name is Novah and I'm a tiny trashcan from space.
I am a furry, my sona is a smol wuff called Aislinn. She is
also my main villager
I'm 12 5 year olds in a trenchcoat and I live in Quetzal Palace ( the uk)
I ❤️ (among other things) , Doctor who, cats, bunnies,
MLP:FIM , DC comics (especially Harley Quinn), anime, Overwatch and les miserables,
I'm otherkin, I also write and draw.
bramble is my dad and sombraro owns my heart

If you're looking for a paintie, I can make you one- info can be found here

May or may not be an anon fairy ...

Im pretty friendly, so please message me for a RP, a chat, or anything else! I (probably) won't bite.
I love to talk about my fandoms, kin stuff, villager stories... Anything really.
If you wanna send me random seeds or smth feel free...

You can also find me:
Furaffinity: FlameFrost101
twitter: AKuRo1o1
DeviantART: XxFlameFrost101xX
Tumblr: star-collapse
Aes Tumblr: Feather-r0t
Poetry tumblr: starfly-inq
instagram; r_bellion
ask me about other sites ^^


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    • H?

    • I support that. XD

    • Oh my gosh, that's so many! I aspire to have that many!

    • I've got a Furby Connect, and I'm planning on starting a collection of all the different types one day! Do you happen to have any Furbys?

    • It's perfectly fine! ^^ I've got a huge interest in Furbys as well!

    • Ay mate!

    • Hey!
      I'm a Junkrat and I love seeing other Overwatch people.

    • cool ^w^
      are you excited for RWBY Volume 6? (i don't have First Membership, so I cant watch it today :c)

    • waves!!!!! SAYORI IS MY FAV!!!

    • I think the same goes for you! You're a beautiful person, also your profile is super gorgeous, eeep. I love it so muchhhh <3 Have a nice day!

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