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Username: ComplacentFool
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    • Thanks for the purchase!

    • Yeah =/ Enough people had issue with it so hopefully if they try again someone will say something. I mean it's not really against the rules or anything but it is pretty shady and just generally... not okay.

    • bandycam
      The thread was locked regardless by a mod, but I did manage to get a response from the designer who said they never gave permission to sell the design in the first place. I just messaged the mod who locked the thread and let them know what was happening and what i found out, so hopefully they won't try to pull something like that again. I can't imagine they'll be given anything except a verbal reprimand, so we can only hope. :/

    • I got blocked after I posted something last night so uh 8D; Hopefully you find out some news since I'm taken out of the equation by force. (Either way, I still think it's pretty shady... )

    • bandycam
      Yeah, it's shady and extremely suspicious. I went ahead and messaged the designer on dA to see what they have to say about it, and hopefully she'd some light on the situation. Whatever I find, I'll try to post it in that thread so everyone knows what's going on.

    • (honestly I feel the same way but there isn't much to do about it. hopefully potential buyers will see the post(s) and turn away from the character... I don't know any artist who is fine with you selling their free character almost immediately after getting them - especially with no added art...)

    • would you like me to resend the trade?

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