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User ID: #38271
Username: baa
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm


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hi there!! you can call me kai/rose/baa!!! i mostly retired from this site, but i still come on here occasionally. I really like sheep & retro things. i try to reply as fast as i can to pings, so please don't freak out if i don't reply immediately, as i tend to go offline for long periods of time! also, if i sound rude, please know i am not trying to! let me know if i am so i can realize my mistake!!

•any pronouns, but they/them is preferred!!

•my time is +1

•*all villager css by crovilla on tumblr, (crovilla.tumblr.com)

•profile css by Pachoopi

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Comments 232

    • Hey! I miss you, hope you'd ok

    • Are you still there buddy

    • Dude thank you for the necklace donation??? Holy crap that made my whole life!!

    • Thank you for the 5,000 FC donation to the giving tree <3

    • Sure thing! :3 I'll edit that right now!

    • Oh gosh hi! I'm glad to seeeee you

    • don't quit my friend!

    • Hiiii friend

    • ?? happy 1 year anniversary me ??

    • Thank you so much! <3

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