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User ID: #38408
Username: Callymae
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Jan 2020, 10:50 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:53 pm

Profile description

Hello! You've found a rarity I think. Someone who very very rarely speaks on the forums.


Village Introduction

After a long journey up and around the mountains, you walk up to a small, slightly secluded village. You're greeted by two young adult rabbits, a very young adult Siamese cat, a pre-teen German Shepard, and a child Saggitari. The first rabbit is a brown floppy eared doe rabbit, wearing a full fur coat, and the other rabbit is a white male rabbit, with big antlers, big ears that stick straight up, and an elongated tail, wearing some Mystic's attire. "Hello, welcome to our humble village! I am Linnea!" The doe says to you. "And I am Wanderer. Please, feel free to make yourself at home." The male rabbit says. The cat says pipes in, "We have some lovely people you may like to meet here." "But be wary of some of the villagers. Not all of them are friendly." "But even the grumps who live here can be lovable!" The pup says. You look around you and you see most the other villagers at different distances from you.


We have a small-ish community here, made up of twenty-three members. If you want to learn more about the members, you'll have to look at their bios.


Side Info

I'm willing to make healing items for anyone who needs them. Just ask me to make one, you will get a price for it, and I will get right on the remedy.

Remedies I Can Make

  • Solar Concoction
  • Warming Salve
  • Fur Growth Relaxer
  • Mini Sun Capsule
  • Yeti Blood Infusion

I also will start making morphing potions and other potions available to make in my area, just ask me about one and I will give you a price, as well as get started on the potion as soon as I am able.

Potions I Can Make

  • Bear Morphing Potion
  • Gryphon Morphing Potion
  • Owl Morphing Potion
  • Rabbit Morphing Potion
  • Shifty Morphing Potion
  • Miracle Growth Potion


List of Items I am Looking to Make or Get

  • A Fur Coat Costumes for Renaye, Philip, & Bastian
  • Furdollars for Painties for me
  • More Villagers
  • One of every type of creature villagers
  • Unique fused creatures villagers
  • Fursona villager and other characters of mine villagers (Maybe)


Now, if you wanna learn a little about me, well, I'll try to describe myself best I can. I'm a strange borderline of extrovert and introvert. I get pretty nervous meeting new people, but I also love to meet new people? I enjoy spending time with those I'm really close to. I can be easily excited and sometimes overly excited. I'm pretty talkative, mostly leaning towards rambling a lot. I'm a self-taught artist, big video gamer (I play just about any genre but shoot-em-ups), video game designer (Currently making my own game), roleplayer, music lover, and nature lover.


Art I've gotten from other on this site

Made by @silxe!


I usually delete comments that are a day old, so if comments you've posted here are no longer there, that's why.

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