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Username: 0okamiseishin
Gender: Female
Last Online: 10 Feb 2020, 1:58 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:31 pm

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Hello! I'm Ooka ^^

About me
Ooka- 29- She/Her
I'm an old fart that still loves playing games and drawing art.

Some stuff I like includes animals (cats especially), cute things, stars/moons, horror, mysteries, suspense, anime, pokemon, game grumps, and a million other things.

I accept all friend requests and feel free to message me!

You can find me and my art here!

I'm always open for commissions but I'm not taking requests.


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    • Would you like a free toyhouse code? I read down in your thread a bit that you didn't have one. I have plenty extra.

    • Hey, do you take commissions? I might not be able to afford it (Since your art is great and worth a lot and I have a tendency to spend my money impulsively), but I'd like to at least ask! I just adore your style!

    • Yes, I would love to be added to the pinglist whenever something opens. Thank you! :D

    • Not a problem at all. :> I saw you were away and figured as much - I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    • I saw someone with a shifty paintie you made, and it was lovely! <3 :0
      Do you have a paintie shop???

    • ur art is fabu as fuck i love it

    • Just wanted to say WOW. Your artwork is lovely. < 3 Have a wonderful day.

    • Well I'm too old to deal with all the drama people do nowadays xD It's just exhausting and unnecessary.

      Ugh I know. They are such entitled jerks then say that the younger generation is at the same time. I mean a lot of these people do not get paid enough to deal with that crap but there's no other option. I know if I had someone in my face screaming about something I'd probably cry. Plus there's usually nothing the person you're screaming at can do anyway. I'm glad I don't see it but I have seen my mom help out people if they really need it and I would do the same.

      omg I bet that took a while to clean up xD That's actually surprising. I can't imagine a kid that doesn't usually get messy lol. What's his name? Then again I thought the same way about my dog. I've never seen a dog that hates getting dirty as much as mine. He stepped in mud once on a walk and he just stood there holding his paw up and wouldn't move lmao. At least he never smells bad.

      Ah alright it's no biggie. I bet she's really busy with the kid so I don't blame her. But yeah if you ever find out then let me know ^^

    • XD Seriously you have the best attitude about things, I love it!

      You are so very right, people do love to create drama and are so darn sensitive now a days that things go over board WAY to quickly! Therefore checking on the facts (of anything) is always a good idea.

      I fully agree with you, while sometimes it is true the customer is right, it is NOT always true and some people take that line "the customer is always right" WAY to far!!!! It's like people tend to forget they're talking to another person and start treating them like a thing instead of someone who has feelings/emotions/priorities other than them... Thankfully, I think there are more people in the world who do realize this rather than those who do not. Hah and I love when other people stand up for the seller (weather it be a person working at a store or a person selling their own goods). It's so nice to see people stand up for something that's right.

      (omg my son is covered in food right now and I can't stop laughing XD he's 5 but I kinda made him a messy lunch.. oh my gosh XD he's actually VERY clean for a 5y/o can't stand getting dirty so I don't see this often from him XD)

      ahem, but yes back to this what we were saying! Okay, I asked her and, I forgot.. she had a baby and hasn't had a lot of time for Etsy so she's not 100% sure anymore (but is going to get back into it soonish). However she suggested looking at other similar items and judge from there. She didn't say /how/ they ship so I'm not sure on that part ): I'll keep you updated though, she said she would let me know when she gets back into it ^^

    • Rawr! my first reply got eaten x.< (my ethernet cable popped out and I didn't notice T_T)

      I agree it does suck to have a call out list, but it is good that others are letting people know what they could be in for. It's kind of like when I look to buy something online, I read the reviews and if the negatives are from stupid people I ignore it but if the negatives are from (enough)people actually saying what happened/feedback from the seller etc then I'll probably pass on it.

      Hah I like your attitude! Anyone who can treat someone else like that (especially after knowing what they've gone through) doesn't deserve "their" stuff, just send their money back and go get "their" stuff from someone else!

      I'm also really curious how the shipping works, and my friend also doesn't drive! So there must be a simple way to ship items ^^! I'll ask her as soon as I hit "post" here and let you know ^^!

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