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Username: 0okamiseishin
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Last Online: 10 Feb 2020, 1:58 pm
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Hello! I'm Ooka ^^

About me
Ooka- 29- She/Her
I'm an old fart that still loves playing games and drawing art.

Some stuff I like includes animals (cats especially), cute things, stars/moons, horror, mysteries, suspense, anime, pokemon, game grumps, and a million other things.

I accept all friend requests and feel free to message me!

You can find me and my art here!

I'm always open for commissions but I'm not taking requests.


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    • You know, things like that are kind of funny. Something someone makes/does/even their looks can be stunning but if that person has a bad attitude/rude/etc ..suddenly everything they do is just less enjoyable sometimes even to the point you just don't want to see it.

      Oh gosh, I couldn't even imagine! That's so heart breaking ): I know some people like jumping right into their work to not think about what happened but honestly I think that's not good for them. People need time to grieve and to heal. Poor dear.. I hope people backed off her at some point. It's so sad when people can be so bloody entitled that they just do not care what happened to the person and just want THEIR stuff. Jerks..

      Art can be an amazing outlet ^^ it's so nice hearing how much you enjoy it and OHMYGOSH you should sell stuff on Etsy!!! A friend of mine does that, she's like me and has HORRIBLE anxieties but she's able to do crafts/draw/etc and make some money that way ^^ I keep meaning to ask her how she got started on Etsy but x.x I keep forgetting, however if you want I can ask (plus it'd help me remember to ask her period XD)

    • Ugh, that person is/was ridiculous! You NEVER take on even MORE commissions if you can't even keep up with what you have! Bleh... I can understand your side, I mean seriously you never know what might come up and you updated people, let them know what was going on so they wouldn't be just sitting around wondering. And yes, I'm quite happy they are okay! I really wish I could remember what happened to her, I think it was a car accident.. like laid up in the hospital kind. So, yea... super awesome of her to apologize after something so awful(and scary!) And of course, as I said, everyone was more worried about her than her art. (Thankfully, could you imagine if someone had been like RAAA I don't care where's my art commission?! ...I can actually believe that happening too.. -_-' ) Any who, I am happy you don't have many rude people to deal with! I'm also happy to hear that, if that did happen, you would still be doing art. It just shows your love for what you do ^^ (even if it would be just friends/yourself ;3 ).

    • Oh wow that is weird! Hopefully it doesn't (ever) happen again!

      Wow.... People like that can seriously make other artists look bad. Like it's cool to be well liked and popular but seriously don't over do it like that and make sure your fans get what they paid for in a timely fashion!!! I know sometimes something can come up (I knew an artist who was in an accident, poor thing... she was so sweet as soon as she got back she not only wrote to everyone individually but also on her forum what had happened and she apologized! Like it was literally something not in her control but she still felt bad for taking (a few weeks) some time to get back to everyone.) Erg, seriously if someone can be that thoughtful to tell everyone they're sorry for not getting art out when something like that happens but that person couldn't even be bothered to tell people 'hey I'm took on to much, I'll be a little slow' or something.... just wow.. bleh.. I am happy to hear you don't come across to many rude people. I know that could really drag you down if it happened often.

    • That is so weird but good thing nothing is out of place! I wonder if maybe they looked and replaced anything missing without telling you or just.. nothing changed? So strange!

      Arg, I agree it is rude D:! Maybe ask 'is everything okay' or something just to see what's up? And a year for a sketch...wow.. I know sometimes people get busy but seriously you'd think they would have done something about it... Like.. you make you money/site cash/whatever from people who like your work, so might want to be kind to those people or no one will want your work just because you're rude to them! I hope your friend didn't pay much for it :/ I hope people start treating you and your work better too, seriously it is rude to not say a word! I mean if it's not exactly what they wanted they could still say something!!!! Like Oh it's great but I was kinda thinking more this way or just something!!!!

    • Oh weird! Hopefully you hadn't been hacked? Though I'm sure you'd have known since items/sp/etc would have been missing..

      I'm glad you do get tips occasionally ^^ and wow.... I can't believe someone would jut pay you without saying a word D: Seriously that just boggles my mind like... did they not like it? Did they love it? Like.. erg .. yes that would drive me crazy too lol I know I have gotten something before and I was unhappy with it (different site) because A. it took way to long with no word about it. B. it wasn't actually what I'd asked for. and C. THEY CHARGED MORE THAN THE QUOTE! But.. I still said thanks.. Not much of anything beyond that because I didn't want to say anything else and sound rude... but at least I said thanks not nothing at all. Geeze.

    • Yea, still I wonder what on earth made them freeze it in the first place?

      Hah yea you most def. will not get any complaints for extra work XD Hopefully you get tips for it though? It's really nice of you to do that too, even if it's not 100% your intention XD It's also good that you find some you just really enjoy doing ^^!

    • That's true, it is pretty darn shocking they didn't even update you! Blah.. at least they did return it though!

      Erg, I know what you mean. It is a good thing to have high standards though, but when you can't muster the time/energy/etc to get them to where you like... ugh.. it's just no good. (of course, I'm sure most people would still love it XD even if it didn't meet your standards) I know I get mad at myself sometimes at work because I'll do something I just do not care for but it's cheaper for us to just deal with the imperfection than to redo it :/

    • Wow x.x I can't believe it took WEEKS I would think they'd have gone 'oh sorry' and ya know.. that day given it back... blah.. I'm glad you got your account back though!
      Oh okay! I didn't know they had anything like that! I'll have to (try to remember my pw) and look there!
      ): Sorry to hear things are really not going well, I know how that can be.. it happened to me for a few years where everything just somehow managed to get worse D: I really hope that whatever's going on will get sorted out sooner rather than later!!! *offers hugs* <3

    • O:! I wonder what happened for it to be frozen!? Probably an error I'm sure.
      I love their Holiday events and I'm most active for them but I too will just randomly start being more active because I guess I forget how much I enjoy it there XD
      I haven't heard of Stash, I'll have to check it out! Photobucket is pretty derpy so something non-derpy would be nice lol. Oh and yes please! I know it'll be awhile before I can afford much here (I can't stop buying character slots x.x!) so the wait won't bother me one bit! I hope everything settles back and gets smoother for you! (and that it wasn't anything too awful D:!!!)

    • Hah, me too! Though I (think) my neopet has died... (also the only site I'm not BlackBobcat on)
      I'm happy to have found you though ^^ (rawr photobucket broke so I can't link you on subeta until I can see the image >_<!) but yes... I hope to commission you again soon ^^! (on there or here XD)

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