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Username: RarelySophisticated
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Sep 2019, 11:23 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:03 pm

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+ deviantart: RarelySophisticated + furaffinity: ll-MarcoPolo-ll + instagram: rarelysophisticated + twitter: commonlysimple +

Go ahead and add me as a friend!! :D I'm always free to talk

​"If I could mail you my love
It would burn inside the envelope"

​"The only thing I fear could be worse than losing you
To someone else, to incident or to yourself
Is for me to fail at loving you
And not give you what you deserve"

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    • So nice to see you again :D

    • Ahahaha, no problem! been there done that. Take your time; i'm about to head to bed anyway. :>

    • Moxxy Shoot AAA I thought I pressed send before I left the page hhh i'm so sorry ;W; i'll respond ASAP!!

    • *dances on ur page* heyyyy just wanted to make sure the pm went through! it's okay if you haven't had the chance to reply, i'm just paranoid about these things ;v;

    • no worries! I totally understand! ~^u^~ thanks for the reply! :D

    • ~waddles~

    • omg i totally understand!! ;o; tysm for not hating me. i was freaking out a bit as the page was loading. OTL <3

    • *flails over the OC gummi-pear is holding for u* oml ;o; congratssssssss *casually shoves 1-2000fd + borbbbs art @ u nonchalantly* >3> *cackles* HAND IT OVERR SONNYYY (i'm just being a derp don't hate me pls)

    • ah thanks!! it took me a while to do bc i didnt remember the full thing and i didnt remember what time it was so?? i had to go through the video and find it,, rip
      thank u tho!! uwu

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