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Username: patchy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Dec 2016, 4:18 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:03 pm

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Ash | 23 | Female | Pan
Weeb trash, gamer trash

Feel free to friend and/or pm me :)

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    • I just love that u can change ur pronouns and looks and skin color in hustle cat its such a cute game. nice music too. Ohh i see that's cool that there's patches and stuff for the games O: i suck at the puzzle ones and those dungeon crawler types.. I just like straight up story haha. I have a mangagamer acct. and they buy and resell japanese VNs after patching and removing censors from them its actually a really cool site, im hoping more games that cant get onto steam because of rating issues get taken on by Mangagamer.

      I've played two games from them so far, one hetero/horror the other yaoi/romcom and they were really great quality good stories. so you def get ur moneies worth on that site i think :3c

    • oooh is the yuri one any good, i had my eye on that, but i was thinking about kindred spirits on the roof i'v Ie never played a yuri yet. Before i started dabbling in hetero i just played guy x guy. DMMD, Naked butler, etc etc o wo now im playing Ozmafia. and Hustle Cat.

      I play other games too but Steam doesnt offer like the more extreme genre types and i just got into like gore and stuff like that

    • Hey owo I saw ur introduce me thread. what type of VNs do you like? c:

    • lmao i had to change his name because the paintie mods think the paintie i am trying to uploading is based of a gasly when its just a simple pink and purple wickerbeast

    • not at all! the more, the merrier!

    • Thanks for the purchase! I hope to help you again in the future~ owo

    • hi!! followed your furvilla blog :)

    • ahh thank you !!

    • Petcherrrs <333

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