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Username: Owner-Aspen
Rank: Owner
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 13 Nov 2019, 4:13 pm
Registered: 29 Jun 2016, 11:47 am

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I'm Aspengrove, but please do call me Aspen. My partner Owner-Quinn and I are the owners of Furvilla. Pleased to meet you!

Please do not PM this account for any support questions! Use one of the links bellow for your specific issue. Our support team will be happy to help you. Thank you!

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My icon and paintie were made by Kiwiggle

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    • You got me there! I'm actually trying to catch up on my Furvilla history, because I wasn't around when you became the new owner! 0':

    • It's super cool seeing a owner who's willing to talk to it's sites members! ♥

    • Fair enough. Thank you for your quick response!

    • In reference to the buying/selling of the free codes from the Further Confusion thread... here

      Fluzzy has a point, though. While it's sad to see, (especially to see something like that happen on our lovely site of Furvilla), people may start trying to offer false codes for sale for art, items, Furvilla currency (or other site currency) or even real monetary value.

      It might be a good idea to remind the players to be warned against scammers. If the site allows sale/trading of free stuff from the Conventions, then players still may need to be reminded to buy/sell/trade at their own risk.

      (Hope it was okay to post here. Didn't want to clog RadioactiveAcid's thread.)

    • Hey Aspen~! I'm your friendly neighborhood fox, don't think I've talked with you or Quinn before. Your fur is so pretty~ I love your stripes, they are gorgeous, I couldn't help myself and ended up drawing you~!!! <3


    • what is the royal apology box of kindness? ive never seen it before

    • Hewo!! I made fanart for you!! qJd4a49.png

    • Hey there!
      I seem to be unable to reply to your message. OWO
      But if you don't mind, it's been accurate since I had the chance to enter it.
      Thank you!

    • Hi! I had a few ideas for new costumes, and I’m open to drawing them but my style isn’t much like Furvillas... I don’t know if you will even take these into some thought but anyway:
      Fluffy red panda
      Spooky leopard/lion
      Fluffy manokit

      I just thought I would mention these, they have been on my mind for a while. If you don’t want them in the costume museum, that’s fine! I won’t be offended I just thought I would tell you.

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