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User ID: #40367
Username: WolfKodi
Gender: Male
Last Online: 6 Dec 2016, 4:21 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:24 pm
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Profile description

Howlcome to Kodi's Den!


This guy right here, flanked by two warriors, he leads the pack.
He was a Timber Wolf, I swear!
That was up until I gave him a Royal Costume.


Villagers 20

Comments 144

    • Kooodi I see you've logged on, I hope whatever keeps you infringed or what can be resolved, you're a cool dude.

    • Dang son, what happened? I hope it's just temporary.

    • Lord Kodi senpai, I bow in front of your AH army. *bows in spanish*

    • thank you so!<3 i prefer striped hyenas over spotted, but all the bases look so adorable ;u; and no problem at all! Saviour was always my favourite!<3 Really happy you ended up with her c:

    • No worries!<3 I had to change her, actually; she's inspired from a character, and the design I made is a spotted hyena so I gave her away to get a spotted hyena instead before I could upload (hopefully when I have FD) the skin on her. I'm happy she wasn't left in the dust after all; and if I'm not mistake, sorry if I am, if you're the WolfKodi from youtube, i absolutely adore your animash!;u; I used to watch them all the time, so if it's truly you I'm so happy she ended up in such a nice coincidence!

    • *wags* Certainly!~ Red Wolves are far to rare.

    • aahh i saw that you ended up with my stripped hyena Nisha :'D Thank you for adopting her!

    • Hello! Thank you for another purchase!

    • For the most part they have all been willing. Something about being part of the army sounds good to them I guess.

    • Haha indeed! I have yet to turn this one into a DAD, so for now she will stay a Bearded Vulture.

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