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User ID: #43083
Username: Steampunk_Llama
Gender: Exactly 57 lizards
Last Online: 27 Jan 2020, 5:01 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 8:08 am

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Gabe - 19 - they/them - ace aro - beta tester
New bio Wip but yeehaw


Rip CSS privileges 2016 - 2019, you'll be missed u_u

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Comments 339

    • This is literally the best CSS teach me your ways

    • Lmao I finally got on 'that blog' I feel so proud lmao

    • Thank-you so much for the plushie! Your profile is amazing, I don't even know. Just amazing!

    • My profile could never even compare to a profile as cool as this one, but thanks :)

    • Huehuehue :33

    • Yep thanks. Ive been planning a big give away for a big achievement.

    • Oh man, I didn't grab enough Snowpets during the 1000 pages. I should have, offering them for the QP event sounds very pleasant. And yes, there's that smol Dino up there lolol.
      Anyways, please be safe where ever you are. Take care and thank you for the birthday comment!

    • Lolol the new ones will only hear stories of Sora covered in pets as well as the Swords and Shields of Discourse being stacked with Durability fairies. B^) And you did get a Plushie and Paintie ticket yes?

    • Oh sweet, a big thank you! I really appreciate your words! It's still an early time to celebrate and I'm still living in February 1st; but according to the FV timezone, it is February 2nd. Ahaha! B^) Again big thanks, and nice Profile! And I was there, too, to witness the 1000+ pages of snowpets, lol.

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