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User ID: #435
Username: Grimjaws
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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CSS profile under construction! Please don't mind the dust ~

Hello! (^v^)ノ Thanks for visiting my profile. My name's Amarilys, and I still don't know what I'm doing here or how everyone seems to be making it rain $$$$ while my furry wallet weeps ;;

Note: I'm a really forgetful person! PLEASE, if we were in the middle of a conversation or trade, and you haven't received a response in a while. Feel free to send me as many reminders as possible!


•credit goes where credit is due•
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Villagers 11

Comments 10

    • I absolutely love your villagers with painties, theyre cute beyond belief <3

    • I love your villagers Ayumu and Killian, they're so cute! Your profile is also so relaxing, its very inspiring!

    • Hiya! Did you get my message? ;v; /

    • Your profile is so nice! I love your villager Killian <3

    • Thanks for buying, and go team mystic!

    • Your profile, I love it.
      Your snake villager, I love them.

    • are you the same grimjaws from FR with the rad hatchery? ' w '

    • OAO thankies

    • If I interpreted the "help" pages correctly, this is how careers interact: http://i.imgur.com/sDleSQn.png

      So in any case I want to spend most of my time exploring, because everyone depends on the loot from the explorer (and occasionally from the warrior). Already made Paika a part-time-crafter. She learnt three recipes but they all require uncommon tokens which will take me ages to collect. Haven't seen one of the required ones outside the auction house yet.

      Only just now read that the Dragonsmaw Manor, Quetzal Palace and Oceandome offer alchemist the option to create morph potions to change into Manokits / Dutch AD or Wickerbeast. No wonder I couldn't find any of thse species at the villager creation window. Now I kind of regret my choice of village, because our Alchemist only get to create plant growth potions. We're so Hufflepuff to your Mermaidvillage - and how jealous I am of Slytherin (dragon village) and Gryffindor (Foxbury).

      Different stuff to interact between villages, but the item rarity / usefulness creates an imbalance. Would have been wiser to give each alchimist a minor useful potion AND a morphing potion. Or enable people to change villages at some point, because trade on its own won't balance the incredible demand of wickerbeast that is easily predictable by the glorious design. Only being rivaled by those FurDollar ones, the Gembounds (rabbits?).

    • Hi there, loving the way you named your Furries, very classy. Pharos looks impressive. The pokemon at the end of your profile made me giggle, one of my favorite pokemons.

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