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User ID: #439
Username: ManicWolf
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

Profile description

Hey! I'm Manic. Welcome to my profile!


I occasionally visit other villages but Quetzal Palace is my home.
mjqTtxM.png ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ huvmpZB.png



All of my villagers (except my default villager) are named after the various angel characters - good and bad - from the TV show "Supernatural" and their pets are all named after the other various characters from it.

Primary FV Goal: Complete my Menagerie.
Current Progress: 2025/2348
9NHFCza.gif I hope to have my Menagerie complete by Christmas... 2025! q8iJzFG.gif
...or Breeding Potions/materials to make them.

I'm always happy to receive friend requests or messages, but please note that I'm on a +6 hour timezone from FV time. So if it's after about 6pm FV time I might not be around to respond until the following day.


Thanks for stopping by!

Villagers 45

Comments 62

    • Congratulations on breeding the Decorated Dromedary pair!

    • So that I don't bump the thread needlessly.... Congratulations on the schema drop~! Now you'll be able to make all of the books that you wish~ X3 I hope you enjoy it once you get a hold of it!

    • Any chance you would do 50 FD a piece on 2 of your Flying Fox Batpacas?

    • Eep so sorry, I can only trade the manta now for a sheep! ;;

    • np follows are always open ^w^

    • Thanks for the purchase.

    • Thanks for picking up my unwanted sticker dupe <3

    • Thanks for purchasing from my stall!! <3

    • I really love your profile. As a fellow Supernatural fan, It's so fun to go through your villagers and see what characters you have chosen

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