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Username: VaniBlu
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm


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Heh, guess I should call myself Vanimew
I'll let myself out now

Pssst... hey, check out this bab, Pretty-Pink-Princess , their painties are some of my favorite on the site! ;) <3


Hiya, I don't know what brought you here, but welcome to my tiny corner of furry heck! My name's Blu, or at least, it is to you heh rhyming but you can call me Maxie too! ahh more rhyming!
Some people also call me Princess, I guess you can too if ya want, idc it's prolly the most fitting

oof this is a constant wip

~So, you really wanna know about me?~

~Welp, first of all, to get it out of the way, I have issues just like everyone else, but I'm not gonna lay them out to a bunch of internet strangers because they're not anyone's business, and they definitely aren't an excuse for me to act like a dingus!
I'm not a special snowflake and neither are you, so if you use mental illness as a crutch I really don't advise interacting with me because I don't tolerate it!
I honestly don't care how people here perceive me, I'm not even a furry, so please block me if you expect to be coddled, it's in both of our best interests!
If you take me at face value, yeah, I may seem like a real meanie, but the thing is you don't know me, and if you judge my entire character based on my profile on a furry website I probably don't want to know you anyway! ;)
I think on the internet sometimes people forget that there are actual human beings on the other side of the screen, whose lives you'll never, ever begin to know about!

~~Oof kinda heavy introduction lol, I just see this kinda thing around here a lot, and am pretty sick of it, just wanted to make my opinion clear, but now that that's out of the way~~

Some Random Facts About Me!

~I'm pretty quiet, but believe me, I know what's up. I know about almost everyone here, even though I haven't interacted with most of them. That being said, I know who to avoid, believe me.
~I'm obviously not the most socially adept person, but I'm trying! If you're nice, I'm nice!
~I'm not actually a furry, I just love painties and hoarding art and characters lol
~Everyone calls me a marshmallow, but I'm hardcore I swear. Like a burnt marshmallow >:3 Like when you catch 'em on fire and they get all charred. I'm like that
~My hobbies include pretending I have my life together and failing miserably at it ;w; and writing angsty fanfiction What fandom? You'll never guess lol *Wheezes*
~I have inside jokes with myself
~I'm studying to be a vet tech
~I have too many plushies please help they're taking over my life
~I spend way more time on Tumblr than I should, hence the css by msjanny
~I have 5 cats and a hamster and I love them too much
~A Fruit Gusher almost killed me once
~Either 'Never Gonna Give You Up' or the Mii Theme are on a constant loop in my mind at any given time. I need help. ;w;
~I'm a traditional artist!
~I love marine life and cetaceans, and am especially interested in orcas and dolphins!
~I'm also interested in reptiles, especially bearded dragons and leopard geckos!
~I'm a Maladaptive Daydreamer


~~My Favorite Things!~~

Shows: The Office, Voltron, RWBY, NoN, Toradora, Durarara!, Forest of Piano (Piano no Mori), Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, anything Disney

Currently Watching: Voltron, RWBY, Hilda, She-Ra

Books: Your Name, RWBY, Food Wars, Horimiya, Coraline, The Book Thief, Maximum Ride series, the BH6 manga

Currently Reading: The Lunar Chronicles, My Hero Academia, Seven Deadly Sins, Piano no Mori, DRRR! light novel, and now Hatoful Boyfriend thanks to Fire_V-Raptor !

Aesthetics: space, aliens, pastels, and the 80's/90's! Also, I don't know if it counts as an aesthetic, but I really love liminal spaces and things of that nature too

Animals: foxes, orcas, dolphins, leopard geckos, pigeons, cows, alligators, and deer! A weird mix I know but I just can't choose!

I love music and am always looking for more to listen to! Feel free to drop me some recommendations!


What song is Blu obsessed with this week??

About a million years late for this meme lol whatever

All memes aside, I really love this song:

Also, not a song, I just really like this



I'm saving up for a username change, so any 2owdb3i.gif is GREATLY appreciated!

Big thanks to Dubstep for the Rhodochrosite Carat Cat (in the gallery), Chilly Sea Cuttlefish (belongs to Asher ), Pretty Pigeon Plague Bird (belongs to Aerick), and Star Guardian Mystic Kistune (belongs to Kaneka)!! Seriously you are too nice!!<3

Thanks to AngelSami for the horned whale!! She belongs to Griffin!

Thanks soso much to the anon who gave me the enfield!! She belongs to Sirius!!!

Thanks to the Lunar Fairy!


~Paintie Priorities~
~Nellie paintie #2- Have to upload (Tyler_)(I know they changed their name, I just can't remember what it is now, heh ^^')
~Maxwell-Have to upload (pineapplefox)(need magic chibi DAD sticker)
~Grayson-Have to upload (stellarhyena)
~Candy-Have to upload (mrjotter)
~Glitch-Have to upload (foxwithaflute)(need mythic costume)
~Taffi-Have to upload (foxwithaflute)
~Pastel Rooster Saggitari-Have to upload (stellarhyena)
~Vaporwave Dragon-Have to upload (hallow-grimfang)
~Winter DaD- Have to upload (ansel_the_viscet)
~Static Wicker- Have to upload (ansel_the_viscet)
~Dapper Deer- Have to upload (joey-wyvern)
~Paradise- Have to upload (Inkie)

~Vani's paintie (#3)-seabreezethefox
~Pallet adopt-GhostlyManners
~Chibi (Paid)-FunnyFoxFur
~Shaded fullbody(Half-paid)-Turnivis
~Pixel signature-Onslaught
~Fullbody (Paid+Messaged)-Liliumeese
~Kai headshot-Totar
~Kai headshot-Oxyzee
~Aesthetic grab bag- sciencesparrow
~Vani and Ari fullbodies- JujuPlays
~Animated pixel of Vani- GhostlyManners
~Vani crayon headshot- Nova_Dutchie
~Vani+Ness flatcolor headshots (Paid)- Anubinch

~~NOTE: If more than a month passes and I haven't at least received an update or a reason why the art has taken so long, I will message you and ask either for a refund or an update! I know life is busy and things happen, but if I pay up front, I expect it to be done in a reasonable amount of time. It might be annoying, but getting scammed is pretty annoying too! :)~~

~Get an Ashfurn
~Complete my managerie
~Complete my toybox
~Get painties for all of my characters
~Get every plantimal
~Open an art/adopt shop
~Get an orca/dolphin paintie

~One day all my villagers will have deep, in depth bios, but today is not that day~


~Wanna catch me somewhere else?~
(Sites with ♥ are the ones I'm most active on!)

~Dappervolk~ Tokyo
~Ichumon~ MiniMochi (haven't been on here for a while bc the site's super glitchy for me most of the time)
Flight Rising
Chicken Smoothie
WolfPlay (trying to get back into this one)♥



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    • aaaaa thank you so much!!! ;w; it was free art and you didn't needed to send any FC! (and sure, added to pinglist! ^^) have a great day!

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    • Thank you so much!! Please enjoy Nola!!

    • omg this layout is perfect....

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    • You're welcome

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