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User ID: #449
Username: Miyabee
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 2 Jul 2020, 7:48 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

Profile description

Holla Holla get Fur Dollas

Moe•萌咲 ♡ Japan ♡ always worried

I draw and that's about it lmao

♡I'm deaf! Please keep that in mind when sending videos/music/ect.♡

English isn't my first language!!!

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    • *peps*

    • Heyyaaa!! I just added your 3ds friend code :D
      Feel free to say if you dont want me on there XD I dont battle or play games online a lot, I just like to see what others play :3

      If you dont want me on there, just say and I'll remove you!
      If you want to add me, my code is 5026-5642-6958 !

    • AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! <333

    • Chuchu is probably my favorite on this entire site ; w ;
      Your background is eggcellent btw ! ♥

    • He's in my ToyHouse. I didn't get rid of him.

    • im happy youre doing well!!

      i could b better... kinda really sick rn weh ;^;

    • aa!! miya!! <3333

      how are you?

    • I called you Miyabun before XD

    • Miyabun! It's been ages! Probably since I basically stopped using the chat xD


      (this has been a reminder from your friendly neighborhood hellcat)

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