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Username: Steambrigade
Gender: Bigender
Last Online: 17 May 2020, 10:02 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:53 pm

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Avatar by the talented NihilisticCake

CSS by snowflakeartist


I'm finishing up commissions and heading out of the furry fandom, maybe indefinitely. I screwed up and I need some time to think things over.

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    • Bismuth is my queen! We need more plot for her, maybe some with Rose'history.

    • Did I see lion from Steven Universe in your signature :0

    • this may sound strange or maybe even pretentious, but lmk if you'd be willing to let me take Duchess in. my villager Morgan is also an adopted villager from a user who quit, so you have my word that Duchess would have a loving home for just about forever
      if you feel more comfortable letting her wander or if you plan on keeping her tho, that's perfectly fine!!!! she's just super pretty

    • ashdfasj what even is grammar :'D

    • I've actually never read the manga yet, only watched the anime. But still, I really like it :)

    • Hello, fellow Ginga lover :D

    • Yay otters! Yours is so cute o:

    • River is very charming I got to say , no matter she's looking or battle skill.

    • Oh, so there is a subbed version? I'd love to see a dubbed version, too, but if there's subbed, that means I could watch it! XD Do you know where I could find the episodes to watch the anime?

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