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Username: Grillby
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Mar 2020, 6:33 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:19 pm

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Zombie - female - 25 - demisexual - panromantic - INFP

Yo I'm Zombie; pretty rad in my own sort of way. I make typos a lot and am considered trash in multiple fandoms .I'm a female so please stick with female or neutral pronouns. Honestly you can call me whatever, any variation or play on 'zombie' is fine. Zomboob, Zombutt, Zombee- I've heard it all. Roleplay is a big thing for me and one of my favorite past times. I'm almost always up for roleplaying so hit me up. I really like animals so to say I sometimes play on animal MMOs in a understatement. I make maps and various content for Feral Heart and currently staff on two Impressive Title servers; Mythical Realms and Dawn of Eternity.

Butt is considered a normal thing and term of endearment. So keep them in mind. I say weird phrases in general.. Also I enjoy using emoticons, but not excessively. One of my biggest peeves is using a capital X for the xD emotes. Don't do it. I will punch you in your nipples. That's pretty much it. Why are you still here?

Homestuck, Undertale, Gravity Falls, MLP, Steven Universe, Adventure Time

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    • oh my god i dont think i can stomach that joke

    • undertale squad = )

    • woa!!! i noticed you're on FH and DoE and i just wanted to say hi! :'0

    • very lovely choices, indeed,
      i would agree with you that they all have a place in my heart, although some more than others.
      mettaton was my favorite, ever since the rectangle rolled onto the screen and into my heart. his ex form is just <3 sans is gr8, papy is a sweet cinnamon roll, and i find gaster to be insteresting. he proves to be a lovely aesthetic (as shown in my profile c; )

      as for steven universe, peridot is also my favorite, though they are all precious childs. i love stan in gravity falls, as well as that bill guy.

    • what thank you, kind soul. a lot of effort and time, but well worth it <3

      mind if i ask your fave characters from those three fandoms though?? ;o;

    • undertale, steven universe, gravity falls.

      that is all.
      carry on.

  • Comment has been hidden

    • It's ok omg, I'll update you on why they denied it once I get a response, so you can have a better guideline for what your character will need! Some users think it may be because I removed the ears, changed the mouth, and added paws at the same time, but we'll see

    • It was rejected for not matching the base enough - I'm going to send in an email to see just how much I need to change to get it in ><;

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