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User ID: #46310
Username: Amakai
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 Nov 2019, 9:27 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 4:32 pm

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Where to Find me
da_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjps.png fa_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjpn.png th_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjod.png pvx_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjou.pn gaia_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0oief.p insta_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjp9. ao3_plnt_rd_by_king_lulu_deer-db0cjq8.pn

Looking to buy

FFXV Addict, Tokio Hotel alien, Drawing obsessed, Anime freak, Jrock maniac,
Dedicated to RP, Pixel lover, Celebrity fangirl, Love Live trash.

nyx_stamp_by_shinrai_no_kanrei-dc0dt6k.g 8d6ba67a8efb03799fa599787d2466f7-dauvi0r f3567ba335c746f11124f37edd0c5027-daur1f3

I'm a 29 year old shy quiet girl in real life; online I'm a bit more open. I get hurt really easily out of my own stupidity and mainly because I can be too trusting towards people; I like to give them the benefit of the doubt which often comes back to bite me. I am depressed and often frustrated with my life; it's something I'm working on dealing with.

Feel free to talk to me ;u; /
I'd love to make some new friends! Especially if it's art/RP/FFXV related!
I'm also on discord but I'd prefer to know you before adding!
<- Above art by myself of Noctis with a Gladio plushie! ->

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    • Ahhhhh!!!!! OMG HI!!!!!

    • Omg hi it's Avox from Sapherna! xD Fancy seeing you here!

    • Yes it is! <33 Ahh I'm so happy someone recognizes who it is! ;v;


    • boopity boop boop

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