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Username: Yeehaw
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:48 pm

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    • Ok buddy. Sorry for disturbing you.

    • Omg! Another rper?! I wanna hug (and rp) with you now!!! :3

      I might struggle one the "paragraph" part though, if you don't mind.

    • (late reply)
      it worries me when beta testers become inactive/quit because that'll slowly reduce the beta tester population
      i dont want beta testers to go extinct ;w;

    • Thank you for letting me take home Ruckus and being so patient while I got the furdollars! I'll take good care of him. :D

    • Mercutio is currently in a tourney and cannot be moved.
      ^_^ Oh well.

    • Do you want me to leave the trade up until the event is over?

    • Whooah don't I know that feeling!! OFF in its fandom hay day must have been fun aah but it's still fun being able to go back to all that content made for it and stuff!!

    • !!! I'm glad to see the people still know the game!!!! OFF is,, my pride and joy it makes me so happy aaah

    • Papa Franku is the best <3

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