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Username: Lavi-Dragon
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:52 pm

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HI I'm Lavi or whatever you want to call me. I'll be keeping all my names around Lavi-Dragon for simplicity's sake though! I'm a lover of the ocean, outer space, biology, animals, abstract and fantasy themes. I love colors and crystals and stars. Lots of stuff heh.

Other stuff I love: video games, especially old ones around the sega genesis/snes era, video game series like pokemon, earthbound, ecco the dolphin, lots of nintendo series and a scattered few sega series.

I love to draw cute animals and abstract things. Hit up my tumblr for my art!

As a note: I suffer from anxiety, depression and other various physical and mental ailments so sometimes I am incredibly unsocial and nervous and hopefully it won't impact my ability to play the game or talk to people but I will always try my best to be friendly to anyone who talks to me. Please bop me if I'm not! I may very rarely be seen posting anywhere publicly.

My tumblr ---- my ToyHouse ----- aywas

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    • Wow.. that Ecco music is so aesthetic.

    • You have the cutest characters, I must say <3

    • Sending you good vibes re: Cepha! I do hope they win <3 I hope you don't mind me saying this here, but I would love to be pinged for future Cepha-related art/adopt threads! <3

    • Thank you for your purchase!

    • aaaaahhh your painties are so cute!! I love them, they're so bright and adorable! Nice profile page, too. (extra points for the Ecco music, those games were choice <3)

    • I absolutely love your profile!

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