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Username: insouciant
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Last Online: 3 Jul 2018, 11:27 pm
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→• • •Đσri C{≡


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    • Aaa thank you so much for the pumpkins??? It was raining pumpkins in my notifications holy moly. ;w;

    • Batty was my all time favorite haha. I actually based my bat sona off him!

    • Its been ok. Still new to this but loving it so far. Just wish the pumpkin seeds didnt bug out my seed book :C

    • aww thank you sweety for the lovely pumpkin! <3

    • Glad you understand me ^w^
      And Yeah, I was all like "hnnnng" when I saw that they named the ghosts "Spoops" x3

      But ye, good luck to you as well, and have fun most importantly ^^
      And thank you~ :3c

    • You're very welcome too! ^w^

      And yeah, it has :3
      I quite enjoy it. I like the interaction (even though you might say it's not a lot, but it is a user interaction, and I met some nice people because of the event too, so yeah :3)
      I like the things you gotta do, and I love the shop :3
      I'm just very interested for the second part of the event too. Pumpkin growing competition sound fun! :3c

      I hope you have been enjoying the event too.
      And oh, Happy Halloween ^w^

    • Thank you for the help with the Pumpkin ^w^

    • Thank you so much!

    • Thanks you kindly for the pumpkin replacement!

    • Ty fam!

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