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Username: insouciant
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Jul 2018, 11:27 pm
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→• • •Đσri C{≡


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    • Thank you so much for the candy?? I'm shook ,,tysmm

    • Thanks for the candy!

    • Thanks so much for the candy! n_n

    • Aaaa thx much for the many pumpkins. I have't even had a chance to harvest 1 yet

    • lol im a big fan of the guys in the podcast, they do a bunch of other stuff. but what caught my main attention was my friend at the time told me "it has a gay elf wizard" and welp. here i am.
      TAZ is super good. its funny and heartbreaking. im not even done with it. lol

      yeah im hoping the event just settles in general once the rush to get all the candy points subsides. but things should calm down as everyones asleep. (although ive seen a bunch of people say that its like 5 am where they are xDDD)

      (i did it again...i commented on my own profile...omgsh)

    • tbh i used to be like that. only cared about characters i was attracted to...but then i kinda just got over it and decided that id like everyone lmao. a lot of things like dragon age and the adventure zone really made me appreciate ALL of the characters, not just the ones id smooch

      yeah now that i have the hang of it, the only hard thing about this event is finding someone with openings on their porch xDDD but ill be on during the lull hours on FV so ill probably be able to rack up the karma points

    • Thank you for the lanterns! I'm still figuring things out, so hopefully I can return the favour at some stage x)

    • YES i will defend female characters until my dying breath xD while im attracted to male characters explicitly, i love a lot of female characters out there...

      the convert button on the stash page is working for me now...i did get a TON of furgems so thatll probably help out when the new recycle shop species comes out. which could be anytime in the next 5 million years xDD i dont mind this event, im not picky, but it needs a bit better explaining imho. BUT at the same time im easily confused, i got confused by the last few events too.

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