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User ID: #50188
Username: ElderOrca
Gender: Female
Last Online: 25 Feb 2020, 3:01 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 am

Profile description

Elder / Orca / Becky
She / Her
British / English
Age: 38
Mum to 2 teenage boys and
a Siberian husky girl ^_^

Welcome to my world of Sea cats and Sky dogs!! From the ocean meet ElderOrca the Orcatus along with her cat companions and other underwater friends.
From the sky meet Captain Nova and his crew of Siberian husky sky pirates

Chibi colored sketch by Puck

I also play some other online games, you are welcome to come find me and add me as a friend :)
Ovipets : ElderOrca #36376
Flight Rising : elderorca #16568
LioDen : goldenelder #25968

Villagers 16

Comments 81

    • no problem friendo! I'm glad you like it <3

      love your villagers btw. they're all so cute

    • Thank you!

    • Oh thanks a lot for the gift! <3

      You can see my sticker album for any of the OFB event stickers I don’t have, since I just store them all in there ^^

    • no problem <3 your villagers are all so cool btw I love them

    • Thanks for the FD <3

    • Thank you so very much! You made my day! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. =D

    • I’ve actually gotten almost everything now between haunting the GT and opening fairies. The only thing I haven’t found yet is the barn owl buddy. Its so cute I think everyone is hanging onto them. And none of the star fairies I opened had one. But thank you for offering!

    • I love tour elder orca! So beautiful. And thank you for putting festival stuff in the GT. I only was able to play the last 2 days of the event, so its nice to get some of the festival stuff.

    • No thanks! I appreciate the sweet offer though. :)

    • You were! And my first friend request, I looked at my friends list the other day and didn't notice too much activity. (:

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