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Username: Wolpard
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Welcome to the Tigereye Peak Limestone District!

The Limestone District is known for it's famed limestone formations and fossil beds, as well as it's historical significance.

The soil here is also perfect for growing plants native to Tigereye Peak (but not so much for foreign plants).

hi im wolp and i only talk about dinosaurs and bugs.
feel free to ask me about palaeontology stuff.
i volunteer regularly at a museum.
i have a palaeo blog
and an art blog

All my painties are done by me.
paintie shop


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    • Um???? Y E S TT is my second fave older show like whdbjfdjcj

    • Yes yes! I forget the names so easily haha. I once drew one of them with my foot though it was a wild ride. And I know God I have way too many dvds and no time to watch them anymore rip. (Though I always make time for DP and TT because heck yes)

    • The crest dinosaur are my fave oh my godddd. I always get amused at the trumpet sounds they assume they made. I also like the ones with the back fins and frills. Dinosaurs are always so ridiculous looking I love them all. And yess oh my God yes! I have the whole series on DVD :')

    • I'm so boring I like the spinosaur tbh but all dinos are good dinos tbh what about you (also wtf Danny Phantom icon too what A++++)

    • I cry hello fellow Dino nerd named Tyler

    • i have a paleontologist villager, your dinos could be his friends 7 v 7

    • Oh lol its another case of mistaken identity. There are so many people with similar names on here,

      I'm going to work on another painty, chat with you soon! xo

    • (Do you happen to be LilWolfpard on dA?)
      I’m so overwhelmed by the comments on Incense! I didn't know she would get so much attention ;; - ;; Thank you, you've really brightened my day! ♥

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