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Username: annecahi
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 8:09 am

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I used to go by the username hobicahi!

Hio I'm Iggy and I like drawing, kpop, animal crossing, flowers and fluffy things. Nice to meet yall.

My apologies if I take a while to reply to you or don't reply to you at all. I'm just not a talker so it's hard for me to respond to things, (so don't take it personally)
I don't accept random friend requests soz, especially if we have never spoken before.

If you are waiting on smth from me don't hesitate to ask me about it! c:

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Waiting on
- Fiskie - oc thread

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    • Thank you for swapping! That was the last one I needed. =D

    • Lol, don't worry about the trade. It happens. Thank you!

    • YELLS thank you for my secret Santa art, it’s amazing! All the lil doodles are so cute I’m crying sdfghjk thank you!!! <33

    • Didn't want to boop your post since you did close it and I don't people bothering about it just incase, but thank you for the art! It's really gorgeous and I'll be sure to credit fully when posting it up on my villagers profile and toyhouse which I shall soon! Happy to see another kpop fan? :D I don't really keep up with new groups but I'm alway open minded!

    • Omg really? :O that's so cool, I didn't expect to see anyone else on here who stans them lmao

    • Thank you sooo much for this drawing of my girl! She looks lovely (and you're amazing drawing this with your mouse sdfijsd)

    • <3 Thank you for the feathers!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed them, they were adorable to draw! ^_^

    • Here's for your toyhouse gembound! ^_^

    • ah sorry in both regards then

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