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Username: Croak
Gender: Male
Last Online: 26 Aug 2017, 11:36 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:19 am

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Hi, I'm Croak, or James if you prefer! I also go by Ita from some. I'm transgender so I use he/him pronouns, and I'm hella gay (。◕‿‿◕。) I'm super friendly so don't be afraid to drop a message or comment my way! I love to chat, chat, chat!! ༼ ・ ౪ ・ ༽

Send help I literally can't!

Things I enjoy include but aren't limited to:
☆ Gravity Falls
★ DRAMAtical Murder
☆ Hetalia
★ Dangan Ronpa
☆ Hustle Cat
★ Steven Universe
☆ Pokemon
★ Fairy Tail
☆ Seven Deadly Sins
★ Naruto

You're all little neato doritos to me, so cherish yourselves and be proud of who you are, okay? Everyone is charming in their own ways ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

My favourite person in the whole universe is this little booger here! ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ» Ricey Go check out her profile, it's cute like her! She is amazing and adorkable!

My boy Chester u3u
He is a 5 month old ferret!


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    • Yeah it's not a .com site. I believe it's kiss-anime.me

    • You should totally give Yugioh season 0 a try then! It's only 27 episodes so it's easy to watch it in one sitting. The series shows the very beginning, like how Yami first appeared and how Yugi made friends etc. Duel monsters wasn't as mainstream back then, so the majority of this anime shows different kinds of Shadow Games. The only downside is that the animation quality is a bit inconsistent (it came out in 1998 though so I forgive it XD) I think Kissanime has all eps?

    • oh shit did everything get swapped around?? i'll check it out when ur done?

    • Which ones Orion and Ulie? Maybe tonight late or tommorrow early seeing as a batch just got submitted an hr ago

    • Sunny just finished my tenth house c:
      Made Maity o 3o just gotta wait for my fursona paintie to finish <33

    • AYYY

      ALL THE YGO GIFS! I plan on rewatching the show again sometime as well. Are you including season 0? <3

    • Omg I'm making real progress on my Toothy Tokens!!! It's so much easier buying them cx

    • I think the park was made by hipsters lmao

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