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User ID: #51686
Username: Etkri
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 8 Dec 2016, 11:38 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:29 pm

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◈ Etkri - chicago/tampa - twenty two - any pronouns ◈
◈ INFJ - Gryffinpuff - Scorpio - Waterbender ◈
flight rising - deviantART

Feel free to hit me up! I'm a lover of all things birds, wolves, film, reading, nature, science, bad dad jokes, and ruthless sarcasm. I do currently take Paintie Commissions, if anyone is interested! I did Kali and Rhea myself. c:


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    • Your painties are gorgeous! ^^

    • Hey Akante! Can't believe you recognized my art. Must be my lanky legs and boxy feets

    • thank you so much dude !!

    • It's so exciting meeting someone else that likes birds! Even the people I work with think I'm nuts because I love the birds. (We work with bears and lions and tigers as well, and they're so shocked I prefer the birds, haha.)

    • Only one of them's a Paintie, the others are a costume, but thanks for the compliment!!!

    • Thank you for visiting my stall full of medicines, pets, buildings, weapons, armor, and potions! I hope that we may do business again soon. :)

    • Aw snap. Hey fran. <3

    • this responce is 10 hours late because I passed out n had something to do but woohoo lol

    • Not a problem, I can wait! I'd like to claim a spot for when you're open/availble for more :) Thank you!

    • Hey there, awesome work! I was wondering if you're currently open for Paintie commissions? :)

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