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User ID: #53304
Username: Timelus
Gender: Female
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:39 pm

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***If you see anything on my CSS you think needs fixing, please let me know! It’s most likely I’m aware but dont know how to fix it so any help is appreciated!***


I have a little bit of trouble when it comes to understanding things so forgive me if I ask a lot or do something wrong. I may also misread things often so I’m really sorry if I make a mistake related to so.

There's not really anything I'm uncomfortable with or offended by so don't be afraid to show anything to me but if you block me, I’ll block you back.

My Toyhouse

If there's something about me that's bothering you please let me know!

WISH LIST: (Willing to trade items/art for)

• Gembound potion/Magic gembound plushie
• Paintie tickets
• Zebra Finches (!!!!)

Villagers 22

Comments 44

    • omg, he is amazing!
      Do you have a toyhouse to credit you to(if you don't mind me uploadin' him there)? :o

    • !! I will be a very happy boy!

    • Then i will be sad :(

    • Noh
      lemme smoop!

    • ok );

    • If you ever say you're a bad I will smoop fight you

    • I will fight you on how precious you are

    • That video in your profile is perfection. DECEARING EGG

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