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User ID: #5403
Username: CorrieZodori
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Mar 2020, 1:59 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:10 pm

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    • That would be nice of you! *u* I can't wait to see~ My character actually is a male, but thanks~ x3 You can see his ref on my villager, Nikolai's, profile, if you'd like to see him~ ^^

    • Yeah, Leopets has sadly been like... slow and dying. There are new owners but they are currently absent... or working slowly. Hard to tell haha. I've been good!!! Need to get back into my drawing game, been mostly obsessed with writing stuff for my DnD group and playing stardew valley haha How have you been? :3

    • That would be awesome to see~ After finding you on here, I actually decided to change a character I bought recently into a Zorgoia (they were already a noodle dragon, so their design isn't much of a jump). Since I spend a lot of time on here, I was trying to think of what Paintie bases I could edit to make a Zorgoia base, lol, but it's...Difficult. ^^;

    • Hellooooo! Nice to see a familiar face! I remember you from Leopets :) I'm Provie over there

    • Oh man, you're one of my favorite artists! I love your Zorgoia species! ^^

    • HA omg i'm blushing! :>

    • maybe, your art looks super familliar to me, too. Maybe I follow you on fa or instagram or something :I

    • I love your art. ;_;

    • I saw that. Weaver does look very pretty.

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