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User ID: #5432
Username: parasite
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 11 Jul 2020, 7:55 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:11 pm

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heya!! i'm abel. i'm a beta tester and i stole from my mom's purse. they/them pronouns please! i'm 24 years old and i love dying. i also love your turn to die and dangan ronpa and like ten million other things

i'm mentally ill and often busy with commissions and school, so please be patient with me!

status: village hopping

tryptophan is my gay boyfriend

i'm very bad at replying to comments but i read and appreciate all of them!

all art and css is by me unless otherwise stated.


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Comments 16

    • Just wanted to ask if I paid for the commission
      Btw your profile looks really nice!!

    • Your profile is so pretty!

    • definitely, I find it kinda therapeutic sometimes! ;w; I just returned to furc tbh; I'm rping on it rn! It's nice to get back into it. :3 especially after such a long hiatus. Things have changed a lot since I was last on though!

    • aaah hey! your portraits are really cute. ;w; I'm also on furcadia and love to make pixel ports~ <3

    • Thanks for your purchase!

    • You are mean to me you insult me and you dont appreciate anything that i

    • you love dich?

    • I think u should get painties that make all ur characters look gay

    • Came here to make your profile look gay and weird too but looks like u beat me to it

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