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Username: MonsterFluff
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Last Online: 6 Jan 2020, 3:46 pm
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    • Mon I made a new character!! I'm not asking for art of him or anything but I had to tell you because in just excited! I love him so much!

    • thank you!! i do do comms but i havent reopened my commission thread yet ttutt (too lazy lmao) in the meantime if youre interested, pm me!
      with that out of the way i love sushi cat omg.... precious kitter!! you have some lovely painties!

    • It is fun! The pay is terrible but I eat a lot of popcorn and icees and I saw Moana four times lol. I've never been to Brazil either, very nervous! Also, daemons are a concept from His Dark Materials book series, ie that Golden Compass thing that they made a movie some years ago? In the books, part of your soul becomes almost like a separate entity, represented by an animal that can move freely and talk to you. It can shapeshift until it settles on a form when you reach adolescence. Since we don't live in that universe, for me its mostly just creating an imaginary friend and talking to myself a lot lol.
      I don't have any new characters right now, i've been very lazy outside of my actual job lately. I'm just tired all the time. But you can take a stab at any of my current villagers if you want to! Always a fan of Fluff art. <3

    • I still have a job, but i'm getting transferred closer to where I live because my mom just... moved to georgia and I usually sleep at her house when I work because it's closer DX
      But uh, working at a theater I watch a TON of movies now which is nice! I never have time anymore though. I renewed my passport and bought expensive tickets to visit friends in brazil so I'm trying to work a lot so I have some money again. My nephews got a wii u for christmas so we've been playing the hell out of Yoshi's woolly world and mario kart. We're also all exploring daemonism because it's a fun concept and I kinda think it might benefit them in some ways.
      Besides that not much going on around here.
      How are you?! Whats goin on?


    • I keep breaking my login streak and wanting to punch myself. Never getting the inventory expansion lol
      Are you in highschool still? Pardon if that's too personal

    • struggling to find motivation for stuff, dragging myself through the rest of this year honestly.
      dont worry tho
      Sorry it took me forever to respond, how are you?

    • hey mon! <3

    • 3b1eabcc-91b9-11e6-85e9-8dd241e212a0.gif
      i made a fast rodent and I applied for another job today
      how u doin?

    • the nanner is goin

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