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User ID: #55526
Username: CelestialPancake
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:58 pm

Villagers 9

Comments 24

    • Let me know when you have a free slot for my villager, please.

    • Hm, would you let me breed it a couple times and send you two offspring with full charges, instead? Or does that not appeal at all? (The first two, of course)

    • lol its ok! and thank you for giving them a good home! :3

    • Do you have an empty villager slot yet? I need to get rid of this villager

    • Okie Dokie, Ill keep you in mind ^^

    • It was a security beta bug that i priced for 850fc instead of FD.
      You can decide whether you want to return it or not i understand eitherway as you did purchase it fair and square.
      Eitherway, Hope you have a great day/night. ^^

    • I cant accept the trade until you get an empty villager slot :[

    • I'm sorry, there isn't a record of what I got from whom, can you let me know what it was? If you made an error and I haven't used it or something then I can return it.

    • Well okay then, thank you. ;u;

    • I know snagging a price mistake is fair basically but it makes me feel bad. XD If you're sure you're fine with it I'll keep it I guess but...Are you suuuurree?

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