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Username: CelestialPancake
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:58 pm

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    • You have no free villager slots :3c

    • I can send the buggo back to you if you want, I meant to say something after I bought it but I got sick today and had to log off XU So yeah do want me to return it because I understand it was a mistake

    • I'm all about the breeding of the animals but the 50 breeding's a day is real'y killing me. i have way to many animals that need to breed. >_<

    • Yep it's me i have ren in my name pretty much everywhere.XD. and heyo!

      how you holding up now that the sites opened to the public? I'm trying to gather my thoughts of everything. all the changes so soon to opening really messed with my methods XD Specialy with how difficult it is now to breed things without access to making your own breeding potions with all the charges on some animals now.

    • I'm always interested in bugs i just need to try to get all the new FD animals and organize my inventory after the site going live and all my vocations and things resetting / going back into my inventory.

      but im usualy looking to buy all arthropod lovelies.

    • You can ask for help whenever you need ^-^b

    • For my state is basically the only people they can get close by. They are out of state so it is even more expensive and it is sad that we have to spend all of our tax money on money grubbing rip off slackers!

    • I had a similar problem but for years instead of months. Guys were supposed to be building wall dividers and instead just kept tearing the road up. Finally after 7 years the made something, but not the walls we were promised, but instead wires that cost a 3rd of what the walls would have cost, so they were paid millions over the years for something they never made.

    • Different states get different pay depending on tax and stuff. But it is really hard to quit since it is higher then minimum wage. It bites a lot but I have to deal, but I am afraid it is going to get in the way when I want to go to college. ANYWAY enough about me and complaining XD

    • Nope, they took holiday pay to bump us up to 10$ an hour. So I am making less on holidays and they are taking my vacation time to put into christmas day. Instead of it being a regular off day or a free pay day they are taking our vacation time to make up for the missed hours.

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