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Username: CelestialPancake
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:58 pm

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    • Tbh (sorry if you do not like text talk) it has been rough with working on holiday. Everyone is so bitter and rude, makes me wonder if they think I am a robot. Other than that pretty chill, how have you been?

    • I am afraid I may bid on all of them tbh. I have made several people mad by auto-ing them so losing one won't make me upset. I'll drop my bid and let you win if you would like ^-^b
      If I want it too bad I auto almost immediately.

    • Lol, there was no need to stop! I own the last three. I really feel bad owning most of their adopts, but their art is gorgeous!

    • it's 3 am and i gotta wake up at 6 what am i doing

      ok thanks and sorry hj

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