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User ID: #56134
Username: Trippy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 20 Jul 2020, 2:58 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:41 pm

Profile description

Hello! This the same Trippy who is a site artist on
Khimeros.com. And, who sometimes drops in on
Subeta, Mycena, FlightRising and FelisFire. I have
accounts in a few other places as well, but don't hang
out there frequently enough to warrant adding them
here. I love the color combo of blue and orange
together, like taking walks in forests and enjoy
stuffing my gob with; blueberries, mozzarella
cheese, smoked pepperoni, tater tots and
drinking bubble tea!

More Info
I can do split FC/FD payment on my shop stock.


Amulets: Soothe| Disarm | Execution | Dirty Trick

Villagers 10

Comments 42

    • Thanks for the purcahse!

    • Heya! Noticed you had a bunch of Warrior Elixirs in stalls, and I wanted to ask if you'd trade some for a Phoenix Birb? I have one in my stall, and I see it's on your wishlist so I figured I'd ask!

    • Do u go by the same username on other pet sites?

    • i also just got some more rare seeds and an HP potion if you want those too ^^

    • aah!! tysm! i sent you the offer that i had! uvu

    • Hello! I was wondering if there was any possibility to trade the magic corgi canine plush for whatever fur dollars i have left, maybe a costume (i have one i don't want), and possibly some other things i might have?

    • Would you be interested in trading your star guardian kitsune for my orchid?

    • Any chance you'd trade your SR pony for a SR cockatiel?

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