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User ID: #56244
Username: Akili_Li
Last Online: 4 Feb 2017, 9:08 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:08 am

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was gone for a while, still figuring out all the updates, sorry for long silence!
Puff is my only villager with a House. I'll try to return any visits. (Not that I'm sure exactly what they do, but...)
Is everyone else addicted to these hot cocoa fairies?

NTS: send CelestialPancake 1 m/f pair of beta bugs w/ all breeds left (when have)

NTS2: www.furvilla.com/dailies is how to see daily log-in streak.

Villagers 40

Comments 101

    • No problem. Pretty much looking for any pets I have yet to gain mastery over ^^

    • thank you for the tip, muffin <3

    • Thank you~ Your comments were totally legible x3 I'm sorry the costumes took me so long!

    • No, that's okay, I've decided to save the rest. Thanks for trading!

    • Aw. You are very welcome. I don't feel right selling them for full price when they aren't 100% medicines. I will continue to do so with all my medicines if you want to keep checking back. c:

    • thank you so much ;w; <3

    • Thank you, Teh Wrench Fairy, for the tasty snack. :)

    • Thank you for purchasing :D

    • And I apologize for over-reacting in turn. It must be very frustrating. Please let me know if I can send you something from OceanDome in return?

    • i do apologize for my mistake and please understand where im coming from i am sorry for assuming ill be sending you a free set of potions to you for my mistake

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