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User ID: #56244
Username: Akili_Li
Last Online: 4 Feb 2017, 9:08 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:08 am

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was gone for a while, still figuring out all the updates, sorry for long silence!
Puff is my only villager with a House. I'll try to return any visits. (Not that I'm sure exactly what they do, but...)
Is everyone else addicted to these hot cocoa fairies?

NTS: send CelestialPancake 1 m/f pair of beta bugs w/ all breeds left (when have)

NTS2: www.furvilla.com/dailies is how to see daily log-in streak.

Villagers 40

Comments 101

    • In which case, please sell via the forums and STATE THAT.
      Frankly, I just figured you'd moved villages and were frantically getting rid of stuff to make room in your inventory.
      It's what I did when I left Old Foxbury, after all.
      Please don't jump to conclusions about things, especially when you did nothing to make your intentions clear.

    • i dont apprecate you reselling my potions .... i know what i doing you dont need to give the same sentence that 15 other people has told me i wanna help out the people that just started ..... not the greedy like you ..

    • you are so adorable omg,, you make my day with your pure words,,,

    • :0 !! Thank you for the M/F pair. So kind of you >0<

    • Sorry that the breedings didn't yeald anything good ;u; Dang rng

    • Thank you so much! :)

    • Well Hun - did you like my gifts?

    • did you get my pets? id 144733?

    • You can also see where it say "0 messages" or whichever right below your avatar and name on top of the right column, click on that and you'll see your inbox any time! Sometimes I click away the message notifications without reading them but I always remember I still have unread messages because the number isn't a 0

    • Yo Messages here's a link for ya. I'm fine with the manti, I just haven't accepted it yet since I only wanna do that when I got you an owl ^^

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