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Username: Ninjago
Gender: Burrito
Last Online: 1 Mar 2020, 9:20 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:57 am

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First username: xWireyy
Changed to Tapu_Koko on December 6th, 2016
Second username: Tapu_Koko
Changed to Ninjago on August 25th, 2017

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    • Yeah that is a pretty good idea! I'd have to install the game and expansions again, luckily all my creatures from the past still exist.

      As for my first creation to hit the space stage, I really couldn't say! It was so long ago I got the game and did the first run through. But I can tell you my favourite to play as was: these guys, who turned out to be total planet pirates!

    • I actually haven't seen past the first five of the nindroids one.
      Don't have a TV with CN on it... :/

    • well of course :O it's what gave me inspiration for Flailadons.

    • That or they’re magic floors?

    • I need to post more about it here for sure. It’s ink! It drips from their hooves. Usually just leaves hoofprinta but it also can puddle if they stay long enough. Technically ither parts can drip too (Autumn’s wings and horn for example) but not hardly at all there except in periods of strong emotion.

    • Thank you for gifting me lottery money that's really sweet of you. ❤ I think the scorpions were scrapped... but I never usually know what I will be starting next. I haven't touched my list in a while because they haven't been requested. ;w;

    • Dude, should I make Ninjago insipired vistas?
      (One for each of the ninja?)

    • I havnt wanted it in a while.
      But we used to when it was on the TV!

      It was a really nice show. and i loved the snakes that were in there. cause sneks.

    • oh? What did you have in mind? :o

    • prim_by_mariahkat-dbzgrkl.jpg

      idk i was bored

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