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User ID: #56416
Username: Ninjago
Gender: Burrito
Last Online: 1 Mar 2020, 9:20 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:57 am

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First username: xWireyy
Changed to Tapu_Koko on December 6th, 2016
Second username: Tapu_Koko
Changed to Ninjago on August 25th, 2017

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    • It's definitely alright to make your own tails for the WendiBots right now XD I haven't started designing the tails yet,so I'll love any suggestion and design you make~

    • Dangit! I've been caught!!

    • No, I will likely be moving on once I trade most of my FV stuff for other game stuff in the coming months.

    • thanks for the warnign tho ;n;

    • Wait what really. This is BS!
      I have this CS since the BETA.

    • XD A nocturnal animal.. That would be amazing. I love the night!! Sadly, my family already disapprove of me sleeping in... Perhaps someday :P (-perhaps, my arse... Heck Yeah more like!!)

    • YEA SAME theyre rly helpful for me bc i live in the woods n we get lots of pests in the house. Spiders take good care of us :3
      Yea i get so sad when ppl are speakin bad abt spiderbabies D: tbh if ppl researched them n learnt more theyd be less scared/disgusted think. Theyre rly amazin lil guys.

    • I agree, spiders are very cute!!!
      I like spiders as well :3

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