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User ID: #56630
Username: Maxime
Gender: Neutrois
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:28 am

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Hi all!

I'm an otherkin canid-reptilian (see: Jackadile (mainly jackal/crocodile cross, but with small bits of other reptiles mixed in)), which really took my my life down an interesting path, but I'm glad with the end result ^<>^.

I'm a bit of an odd-one-out in a lot of situations, and tend to fit the exception rather than the rule Xp.

I love video games, though I tend towards solo play. My favorites are always types that involve fast-paced action (FPS, TPS, Hack'n'slash, Beat'em up, fighting, etc.), but I do love Pokemon as well. Absols are my all-time favorite, as I share much in common with them <3

I'm also neutrois, so I prefer gender neutral pronouns (they, ze, xe, e, etc.), but I won't kill you if you call me he/she, either (trust me, I get a lot of both in life XD).

Overall, I'm very easygoing, and very difficult to offend. If you say something I don't agree with, I usually tend to try to calmly discuss it, rather than exploding, as I subscribe to the belief that there is no absolute answer, we are all blind men feeling an elephant, and can only know for sure what we ourselves have experienced or gained insight of.

If anyone wants to friend me for some reason on games or sites, look for Maxaevaya (I may or may not accept if it's totally out of the blue, though, so at least let me know why beforehand, hehe)

In a lifelong relationship with Dubstep (#56643)

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    • crap i didn't mean to send that friend request

    • beep beep beep

    • I love you!

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