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Username: swagyatta
Gender: They/Them
Last Online: 24 Jun 2020, 5:43 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:23 pm

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Hey y'all! I'm Han and I'm furry trash. Looking forward to exploring this site!! Feel free to chat with me, I love meeting new people.

Likes: Drawing, Overwatch, Pokemon, Dragon Age series, OFF, cosplaying, webcomics, deer (and animals in general!), binge watching Netflix, introducing myself to a friend of a friend and having them say "Oh, so you're the pun friend!"

Dislikes: when you make a grilled cheese but the cheese starts to cool and sticks to your plate and you miss out on some of that sweet sweet cheese being on your sandwich

Feel free to check out my stall!

I'm roommates with Dursky, and friends with Arkticfox and MissAlisu.


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    • Question best meme are you by chance a member of wyngro on da?
      Also wow another OFF fan!!!!!

    • Another Overwatch bean! :D

    • Are you a console or PC player? I play overwatch on PS4 :)

    • I'm sending you a bunch of QP native seeds

    • Hello there.

    • Overwatch and PkmnGO frand!

    • Experience Dank memes

    • Who do you main on Overwatch?

    • YooOo!!! It's pretty hard to find other fans of the game since it's so obscure now! It's a bit of a shame, the game is sooo good. But got any photos of your cosplay? I'd love to see it!!

    • Oh man!! You wouldn't happen to be a fan of OFF by Mortis Ghost would ya? :3c

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