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User ID: #58139
Username: Rainstorm
Gender: Female
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 11:53 am

Profile description

Hey there, I'm Rainstorm, or Rain. I tend to keep to myself mostly, but I do enjoy talking to people every once in a while. :)

I have accounts on Felisfire (Rainstorm #18482), FlightRising (MorningRain #68099), and ChickenSmoothie (BitterDawn #1426). I'm only really active here and on FF, though.
I now have a Toyhouse! Here it is. ^_^

This awesome graphic made for me by Malefor

Villagers 34

Comments 19

    • Hehe,yup, I would DEFINITELY sell to you if I ever part with Ezra ^^

    • Just curious if you would ever trade Pippin's paintie?

    • Thank you for the purchase! <3

    • Thank you!!!!

    • So sorry! I fail. The lag kicked me. x.x Sent!

    • Great choice in taste of painties then! :3 Now we can make all your villagers colorful xD

    • Thank you for your purchase! ^.^ I love the names of your villagers by the way! :D

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