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Last Online: 29 May 2020, 11:51 pm
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Hi, my name is Derek.
I like many things, Marvel, Crime Shows, & Kpop being my top 3.


If you ever want a free sketch, PM me a picture of a dog. I'd appreciate it.

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    • Spencer is a treasure! I love so many of the characters, they're developed SO well.

    • My gf ADORES Hotch! They adore all the characters really, their fave is JJ. I think Prentiss is mine, but my fave aspect of the whole show is Morgan and Garcia's best friendship. Do you have a favorite?

    • CM forever! I miss Morgan :(

    • So sorry again, but I am not able to accept the plushies again.

    • I was not able to recive the plushies. I never even got the notification. Sorry ;-;

    • Yes I am thank you so much!! :>

    • Hey! Sorry to bug you, but it isn't let me exept the plushies you have given me today. I've heard others have the same problem, it might be a bug. Is there any chance you can cancel the transfer and re-send them? If you need me to I can name off which plushies they are.
      Thanks for being so kind btw!

    • Thank you for the giving tree drops!

    • Thank you so much for the plushies <3 Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Thanks so much! (Also I love all of those crime shows)

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