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User ID: #61217
Username: SilverCaesura
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Feb 2020, 7:25 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 8:45 pm

Profile description

In music, a caesura is a break, a brief silence, a pause. A caesura is a time to take a breath. This is what SilverCaesura House is for. Founded and run by a mysterious figure known only as "Silver," it is an up-and-coming residential center for anyone who needs a home and a community to stay with while they find a niche for themselves in the Quetzal Palace village. It is often referred to simply as "Caesura" or "Caesura House" by its residents.
Little is known about Silver herself, other than that she comes from a faraway place and tends to keep to herself. She has her own room at Caesura House. She rarely emerges, but if you happen to pass by her room, you can often hear the sounds of music slipping out from underneath her door.


Hey guys, I'm Silver! It's been a while since I showed my face around here. But I'm back now! Yay!

Let's see, what is there to know about me?
  • I'm a girl (she/her), for one.
  • I love singing and I like creating new worlds in my head.
  • I play D&D and numerous other tabletop RPGs! I DMed once, but I mostly just play.
  • I like math! (The fun stuff with letters, not arithmetic.)

You can find me on Chicken Smoothie under the same username!

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    • i don't wanna post in the thread because i don't want to mess it up but your decision to kill my villager made me laugh really hard lol

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