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Username: halloween3110
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Last Online: 18 Feb 2017, 8:18 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 9:50 pm
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    • I DO! I'm super excited to start breeding pets from Dragon's Maw Manor, and I've already put the stables and pots on, and have the wiki up on another tab to see what I can make with the reagents.
      Please, again, let me know the minute there's something I can do for you in exchange!

    • Thank you!!

    • I did indeed! :)
      Hence the "thank you" and query if you wanted some currency, as a cushion should you choose to return at some point.

    • Thank you...

      Would you like me to transfer you some currency, so that if you decide to come back, you have a head start?

    • Okay, it doesn't look like you have any pets in your menagerie, so that's one layer of complication gone.
      You do have a pet assigned to one of your villagers.
      Um, you can actually transfer villagers, too. That might be easier than dealing with pets. Well, I'll tell you all of it.
      SO if you transfer a villager directly to someone (do it from your "villagers" management page, which is up on the top menu bar near "town hall" and "forums" and stuff), it will show up with any pets you assigned to it still attached. If it's the animal husbandry one, its collected animals are also still attached to it. So are any stables/herbalist pots, etc.

      If you just want to transfer the pet, and the pet was assigned to a villager, go to the villager page (not the career page, but its profile page) and click the little red "x" under the pet to remove it. That puts it back in your inventory, so you can transfer it like other items.

      If you want to transfer pets that are in our animal husbandry villager's stables, go to that career page (the "animal husbandry" shield icon next to its portrait in your right hand vertical list thing). The place where you do domesticating and collecting from.
      Now, if it's already domesticated, you can export it, and then transfer it like items.
      If it's not finished being domesticated, you have to "transfer" it to another animal husbandry villager directly.
      For that you need the receiving villager ID number. (For me, it'd be 144733). You click the animal and hit 'transfer', and enter the info, and then have to wait for them to accept it before it disappears from your stables.

    • When you are at my profile page, below the little paragraph of info (username, gender, last online, registered, etc) is two lines of icons.
      The first is the envelope for pms, the second is two stacked arrows, pointing opposite directions. That's an item transfer icon. You can click on that to send me stuff from your inventory.
      The icon to the right of that is a little currency icon; click on that to send furcash or furdollars.
      To send pets...
      Pets are complicated. I'm writing a new post just on pets.

    • It was bugging me to see the penguin lost in limbo, so let me know when/if you want another and I'll send when you're actually ready, okay?

    • She's a very Purdy Croc! :D

    • Awww, he's so cute! No worries, it's not like there's a time limit or anything. (I admit to completely avoiding all games that have your creatures die off if you don't care for them. It's just not my style).
      And I see you also picked up a handsome alligator. Or possibly crocodile. Which one has the teeth going both ways? Crocodile, right? Drat, I used to know this stuff....

    • See previous response! :P

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