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Username: Growlithe
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Last Online: 2 Jun 2020, 10:41 am
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 3:56 am

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Hello, if you're looking to buy anything from my store in bulk for a discount, I'm willing to go 5% off my stall price (the amount I would receive if you purchased directly from my store) if we perform the transaction through trades. =) Just send me a pm so I can set things up. :) (only applicable for FC listings)

I also sell stuff for FR currency (priority for gems mostly) so if you're looking to buy anything for FR currency feel free to ask.

My main goal on this site is to complete my menagerie one day. :) Stuff in my stall would always be available to swap for FDE pets I do not own yet especially if they're retired (i.e: I might pass on an offer of an uncommon rarity pet if they're still breeding because I might breed some myself and I hate holding too many extras because they just take up so much space). But I'll typically accept SR offers in a heartbeat.

Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if you need help purchasing anything special to the village I'm currently residing in. I'll get it for you asap if I am online (depending on whether it is available in the stalls). ^^ If they're not stuff permanently in stock though, you might be out of luck since I suck at sniping. =S

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    • From what Wisteria said the cores are supposed to have a better drop rate than the other event drops so I'm kinda confused since 500 battles and no core. >o<
      But hey congrats on finding one at least! Its a start. OwO
      Oh my god right? Tiny little "Fox Rocks" as Mod Shroomy said. Tiny, tiny, squeaky golems with a penchant for destroying things then napping. xD
      And you're welcome! I've actually just been sending over spares and putting the ones I need in my menagerie. I actually got 3 of the SR Plague Bird so far. xD

    • 500 battles later, not a single core. >-> I'm not really sure how they can be percentage wise more common than the rest of the drops at this point. I've gotten tons of the Plague Birds and Enfields but no cores. <-<

    • You're welcome! <3 And yeah I noticed much the same. The Enfields are the go to pet when I do get a drop other than broken equips.
      But yeah Answrs asked why the Golem Cores aren't in the shop and Wisteria responded with: "They're not event exclusive; they'll be back whenever the golems are." So I guess that means the Golems are a new randomized field that will drop the cores and be like the wolves? >-> Confusing but mkay...

    • Mmmhmm. Wisteria has said though that the Golems will be back. I don't think they're tied to the festival just here for now as the way to get pet drops maybe?

    • Ha ha right?! I started just tossing out the Hammers since they give the least crystal mats. Its not worth having to scrap 50+ pages of stuff. Those golem cores are rare and all I get is broken equips.

    • You're welcome! And ha ha right? All the crystals. xD Or saving Rusted Steel for the Enchanted Ring. xD

    • Went out and bought a bunch of ready females and now I've got a kitty harem up to 23 which includes a pumpkin female. Your Uncommon boy bred an uncommon his first try which I'll say isn't bad. Now next week a rare! *Whispers.* Hopefully. xD

    • *Welcomes the kitty to his temporary home.* <3

      As for the amulets, I'm honestly not sure which ones are the best so I'm kind of at a loss. xD I mean if you think its possible I wouldn't say no to the Fire Form amulet cause that one could be quite a bit of fun in battles with the right build, but I don't wanna put you out going for the much more expensive amulet since 1 vp battles would take a long time... >o<

    • Ah I would love to borrow your uncommon male if you're sure you don't mind! I'd be happy to send any extra rare studs your way as well.
      Would you prefer I hang onto him while I build up my harem or just send him back after each breeding period? OwO

      Well hopefully people are in the queue and it won't take ages! The funny thing is sometimes when I win against someone I don't get points. Like every 3 battles I'll get the relegated 4 points if I won but otherwise nothing. Its so weird...
      For the most part I just enter the tourney's for the easy 2000 VP to get some quick Elixirs with. The sudden change to the shop has me reeling like, "WHY?!" I mean I wish they didn't decide to do this all of a sudden cause it makes it a pain... >->

    • Hur hur, end of the months scramble is what I expected! <3 Just renewing the promise of the charges always being available.

      The tabby cats don't like me much, xD. I've been breeding them randomly but only have about 4 females since they like to throw males a lot and breeding potions are stupidly expensive. Lolz.

      Oooh the amulets... I wish they hadn't pulled this one out of the hat. xD So many wants, never enough points. >->
      Ideally the amulet I'd want the most is the Depleted since then I'd only need the piece Skul drops which he's easy enough to beat once you know his pattern. Then I'd just have to get the Lightning Form recipe and craft the amulet.
      And yes I believe each loss is 1 point, but I know how much of a pain that is so don't feel like you have to do any PvP battles just for me, though I certainly appreciate the thought! <3

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