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Username: Growlithe
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Last Online: 20 Jul 2019, 12:42 pm
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Hello, if you're looking to buy anything from my store in bulk for a discount, I'm willing to go 5% off my stall price (the amount I would receive if you purchased directly from my store) if we perform the transaction through trades. =) Just send me a pm so I can set things up. :)

My main goal on this site is to complete my menagerie one day. :) Stuff in my stall would always be available to swap for FDE pets I do not own yet especially if they're retired (i.e: I might pass on an offer of an uncommon rarity pet if they're still breeding because I might breed some myself and I hate holding too many extras because they just take up so much space). But I'll typically accept SR offers in a heartbeat.

Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if you need help purchasing anything special to the village I'm currently residing in. I'll get it for you asap if I am online (depending on whether it is available in the stalls). ^^ If they're not stuff permanently in stock though, you might be out of luck since I suck at sniping. =S

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    • Ooh boy... I hope you manage to get enough aluminum! I'd be happy to lend you my Vali's Hammer/Frenzy's Shroud.etc whatever you need for the build if you want to take on the Harbinger? Since he can drop the lumps much faster. OwO
      I'm managing. Its been a long month for sure... Can't wait for May cause then less of April woes. xD
      Been playing lots of Fallout New Vegas and remembering just how different the game is from Fallout 4. I miss the gritty darker atmosphere of F: NV.

    • OwO Thank you for the Elixirs! <3 Hopefully I can snag some ring drops and if I get spare they'll go to you. <3 <3

    • Err fair enough on the card event. xD

      As for the terrify status if you use it then the quake amulet the amulet does double damage. I tried it personally and it didn't do that much more damage tbh so I'm as confused as you are. >-<

    • <3 You don't have to send the Zeboran Ray Gun my way. If you get it you should keep it. Those suckers are a triumph and worth a fortune!

    • Ugh... I swear these customs items are nigh impossible to obtain. Been fighting in Deadlier Monsters for the better part of today and still none of Lance's new rings, the training dummy won't drop the pink sword, and I've yet to see a single normal zweihander drop. :/ These chances have got to be abysmal.

    • Ah that's true... So likely not OFB Fest. I saw Noiro posting about how the feathers may be for the Traveler which would be neat. OwO
      I gave up farming for a second Vali's Hammer and just went over to Deadly Monsters and haven't left. xD The only thing that hurts is I want to farm for Anodized Aluminum for my armor. Its the last thing I need. xD xD
      Ah these mini events kill me. I did switch to OFB to try for the Lumps in the castle event but with the super happy fun wheel being here I haven't seen the castle more than twice. >-< Though to be honest I also haven't seen the SHFW either. >->

    • I would definitely agree on the prettiness. ^-^ Deadly Monsters drops them pretty commonly. I'm up to 60 some and got some nice equip drops in the meantime.

    • *Hums thoughtfully.* I wonder if these Emerald Feathers will be used in the OFB Tourney... What do you think of them?

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