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User ID: #63229
Username: Blues
Gender: I don't know, man
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 9:26 am

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I'm not interested in trading items/minipets/etc. Also please don't beg from me or ask me to lower my stall prices. If you do this, I will block you. Sorry.

Hi, I'm Blues. I'm also old, tired and mostly grumpy. My English is far from perfect and at times I have trouble understanding words because of a disability. That's probably all you need to know about me since I'm not that interesting anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please don't send me a private message unless it's really important. Asking for Pillowfort invites is fine though! I mean I'm cool with my super close friends sending me a PM for a chat, but I'm not too interested in other random chit-chat... Sorry I'm asocial. If you still proceed to send me a PM attempting random chit-chat anyway, don't be surprised if I block/ignore you. Sorry!

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    • No u!! <3 I'll credit you for it on my profile whenever I use it! Thanks again so much! :'D

    • Wow thankyou so much!! You're so lovely aaa pls accept 200FD, as a gift for your kindness! ;w; you've made my day!! ♡

    • Wow really!? QwQ that would be super sweet of you! ♡ How much would you like for it? (I have 420FD at the moment!)

    • Amazing! I love the aesthetic. <3 if you ever make any copies to sell I'd love to nab one, but if it's just for personal use I understand. :3 have a good day!

    • Hallo, just wanred to ask who made your vista? It's awesome!

    • Just wanted to say I love your current vista!! V aesthetically pleasing, much like your profile ^^

    • anytime! QwQ <3

    • hey hi, just wanted to say I LOVEEEE your forum aesthetic!! your profile is really lovely too!

    • Hey, thank you for putting some food in the giving tree. I needed a few as a boost! I really appreciate your kindness :'3

    • Ah, I'm glad I was really worried about accidentally messing things up for the next person.

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