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Username: Blues
Gender: I don't know, man
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 9:26 am

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I'm not interested in trading items/minipets/etc. Also please don't beg from me or ask me to lower my stall prices.

fksksgdl I'll update this later aa

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    • Hey, thank you for putting some food in the giving tree. I needed a few as a boost! I really appreciate your kindness :'3

    • Ah, I'm glad I was really worried about accidentally messing things up for the next person.

    • Hey, I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess up the flow of the thread with my post, but please make sure you claim radioactiveacid and not me as I already have a claim slot.

    • Thanks for purchasing from my stall! :)

    • Finished your piece on the draw poorly thread :)

    • Thank you for drawing Juke, he looks amazing!!

    • Thank you soo much for the art, I forgot to check that thread until now he came out so cute. thank you once again for the art

    • since edited pings dont work, just notifying you that I posted the art of your kiddo on the draw the villager above you thread! its on sta.sh here!

    • Kumo came out so cute, thank you.

    • Oh, that's good! Sorry to bother then :)

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